A great game. Single and multiplayer are awesome. Sadly I only have the demo. Please tell me where to get it in a store.

User Rating: 10 | Company of Heroes PC
This is an awesome World War Two game. I only have the demo and this brief glimps of the game makes me hunger for more. The campagin is well set up and the graphics are amasing. The controls are tricky at first but only because you click mostly with right mouse button instead of the left. Besisdes that very easy controls. I used to play Axis and Allies on my old computer and this brings back fond fond memories of those days. This is a must have for any World War Two video game lovers. I fell in love with it and so will you. You will find yourself laughimg at some of the mens remarks and cringing at the sight at a lost brother. With three games in the series this is by far the best one. Can some one please tell me where to get it in store because I see it online but I do not have a credit card. Please keep it around Mississippi.