COH returns with more intensive, and this time balanced, battles. True Review and rating here.

User Rating: 8.5 | Company of Heroes 2 PC
COH returns with more intensive, and this time balanced, battles.
True Review and rating here.


I want to start saying that i´m a long time RTS player, starting in Warcraft 1 and having played almost all RTS out there since. And I´ll have to disagree with Kevins 7.5 review, wich in my opinion was based too much on SP.

COH 2 marks the return of the famous series, (COH was a 10 for me).

So, why do I score 8.5 in this game, and i scored 10 in the 1st one?

Graphics: While it did get better, not so much for a game that comes out almost 8 years later. And requiring higher specs. Actually, in some cases i think artistically speaking COH 1 is even better. But anyways, good enough for an RTS.

Gameplay: Single Player - I´ll agree with KV on this one, the campaing is not that great nor does it have a great history, but is fun nonetheless. Yes, it can be easy with all conscript reinforcements, but still has its intensive and explosive moments.

Multi-player: For a game that just came out, its pretty balaned already, some minor changes should come like giving more love to the IS-2, but overall, the game is very good and balanced.

The factions feel and play differently, although they are NOT as unique as in COH1. The veterancy system, wich worked on a diferent way for every faction in COH1, now is the same for both Russians and Germans.

The Doctrine choise is also not so unique.

However, the implementation of true sight and weather, makes for new and interesting battles. So the game lost some unique features, but gained others.

The abilty to customize your army with skins, commanders and perks is also a nice feat.

NO! There is no GRIDING! You should not play thinking about getting all the bonuses, with are not game unbalacing at all, a 3% increase in health for a specif unit out of dozens is not unbalancing. Bonuses will come the more u play and dont think about it.

So, for not being able to improve on the first COH1, wich really set a bar for RTS games, but while still being a very competitive and well done RTS, I score 8.5 for COH2. A must buy for any RTS fan.