This is inferior from it's predecessor still a good RTS to play for a week or two

User Rating: 7 | Company of Heroes 2 PC
While not a bad RTS the game is surely inferior to it's prequel

First the A.I seems to have issues and behaving erratically in the battlefield, second most maps that i have played in the game are small and battles lack of anything epic, third the game story is disappointing it feels shallow and generic making the single player part a bit of a chore...

Some units are not balanced for example Snipers are almost worthless and the user interface is not so good designed it is full with useless things for no reason taking more space in the screen than needed

The snow effects and a bit better graphics really cannot make this game called a sequel it feels more like an expansion of the first game. It took seven years in the making and the game does not feel like a sequel at all

Company of heroes 1 was a better game with more epic moments still 2 is good RTS with some strong elements even if the AI is a bit disappointing.

The game is good enough to play for a week or two but after that it becomes stale...

Anyway enough about COH and the over-used War World 2 theme i hope Relic makes WH4k Dawn of War 3 soon