CoH2 is Dawn of Wars' 2 smaller but more strategic brother.

User Rating: 8 | Company of Heroes 2 PC
Ok. So I will discuss 2 aspects of the game.

1. The Campaign
2. The Multiplayer

1. It's bad. Well, it's not quite bad... or all bad, but it's pretty bad. If you played Dawn of War 2, you'd know that in that game, the first 2 campaigns (the one vs tyranids and vs chaos) were the best and the final expansion had multiple campaigns that were all very bad. Well, the campaign in this game is on the level of retribution's campaigns... bad. Anyway, the difficulty "easy" only applies to the campaign.

2. Multiplayer. if you didn't like Dawn of War 2 multiplayer, you may not like this multiplayer. It's the same formula. You have resources you get by capturing points. You can upgrade certain points to get more resources. You spend those resources on stuff. The main difference is that the strategic field is increased in the game because you can construct buildings. You don't just have 1 main HQ which pumps out all your troops, you have a number of buildings that can give you better units, tanks and support structures. So while the tactical value is the same as in DoW2 multiplayer the strategic value is increased. But it doesn't come close to being a traditional RTS formula of base building. But then again, if you want that, you wouldn't be playing CoH or DoW. So if you are itching for a RTT (real time tactical) game in instead of a RTS, this game will scratch that itch for you.

The only real downside is the lack in variety. The game may get boring due to the lack of choice you have in picking a faction you wish to play. Your selection is awfully limited, unlike in DoW which right off the start had 4 factions. But this is a highly competitive game so yeah...

One other thing, a new range of mechanics have been introduce and they work rather well.