Fifa comes to be number one this year

I'm a great fan of soccer games. On my play 2 every year I got both of most famous series of soccer Fifa and PES or Winning Eleven. But like most people I loved PES and hate fifa^^. Every time I played fifa I saw how PES was good.
Then comes this year, I play fifa 09 on my PC and I started to love it.
The Be a pro mode its great. First time you play it its difficult to do something, but with some time playing you get some experince and start to help the team instead of been on its way.
The manenger mode is always great.( better than Master League for me ).
A big list of teams ever, different of PES 09 that have a few teams licensied.
Large list of tricks and skills, most of than new.
The jogability is also good differrent of some version of fifa in the past.
Great multiplayer that I haven't tryed yet but looks like good.
All thease things for me make FIFA 09 better than PES this year.