Prince of Monotony is here!!

I hoped this game was like the old classic PoP thats in Xbox Live, but in the end I found an invincible unnamed prince in a lonely kingdom.

The story begins when the prince meets by accident Elika, which is being attacked by some soldiers, the prince (who is really a thief :D ) decides to defend her and blablabla, and they end up joining together because some evil god or spirit (i dont care) who is locked up in a temple is trying to get out and conquer the world. The story is not great, but its not the main problem.

To keep him shut, they most travel through the surrounding kingdom and "heal" the land, and you do this by reaching certain point and fighting a boss, after you defeat the boss and the land is healed, some light balls appear, you have to collect certain number to unlock abilities that will help you reach further areas of the realm, now repeat this process 20 times and you have your game.

Honestly, i dont know whats got into Ubisoft and its monotonous games (Assassins Creed and this). The combat is also monotonous and terrible, basically you alternate buttons to make a combo until you cant chain a single attack anymore, if the enemy counterattacks, dont worry, the defend button (LT) appears on screen, so you can counterattack or simply defend and try again until you can make a combo again. Besides, the prince CANT DIE, the worst thing that can happen is that the enemy will gain some HP if the prince "dies". There are four bosses in the entire game, you fight about five or six times each. Theres just one "normal" enemy per sub stage, you can avoid fighting it by being quick. And thats all about combat.

The platforming is the only really enjoyable part of the game, but its pretty easy too. The prince can wall-run, jump, hang on rings on walls, ceilings, etc. There are no traps or spikes and the prince cant die either, since always elika saves him if you fail a jump. When the land is healed, the light balls I mentioned before appear in zones you've already passed through, since you need them to advance in the game, you are force to backtrack, adding more monotony and boredom to the game.

On top of that you have to pay a DLC if you want to watch the ending of the game, that sucks and its ridiculous, im not paying 60 bucks for the game to begin with.

Id only recommend to rent this game for those introducing into gaming and dont have any experience with any game at all. Others stay away from it, its not worth your money and time.