One of the Best GTA games so far and probably one of the best selling as well.Worth the wait and money.great missions.

This is just perfect game nothing less.If you have ever played other episodes of GTA you would know how good this game really is and how it has been getting better every year,its just phenomenal.

This game has features like no other,big world for many months to play on and exciting missions as well as freedom like no other.The game has great fighting mode an a improved drive-by mode that is great.all animations and gameplay has been made top notch.Cars and motorcycles look realistic and you can cycle and can get special aircraft as well as special scooters along the road.
The game has a perfect home mode where you can have a garage and store youre cars in and pimp youre cars up just the way you want them.

Weapons are also easy to use and fun with the hood fights.Clothes in the game are cool to change from time to time.
This game is surtenly no waste of time and should be tested atleast by everybody who likes the other GTA games.

Overall:The game is great.It has those little things that you will like,like the great storyline,car speed,the forrests,and the all exciting easter eggs....Try this and I guarantee you will play it and like it alot.