Excellent, but an extremely difficult game

User Rating: 8.1 | Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines PC
This is one of the jewels on my collection. Despite the age of this game, its graphics are very good, and some of the elements on this RTS are used until now.
The isometric view helps the player to achieve his objectives, and the camera can be set to follow the character on the screen. It has a great variety of missions, sometimes you must blow something, or rescue elements of the french resistance from prision.
Sometimes it's a little bit frustrating, since some missions spends lots of time and savegames to be completed. This is true, mainly if you want to play like a stealth game, using just the knife of the marine, or the poison of the spy. Also, all the characters are useful, but i really don't like the scuba diver.
It's hard, but it's addictive. I have to confess that during one or two missions I had to use some cheat codes.

The music isn´t that special, but isn´t annoying like others. The sound effects are OK, and the explosions effects are almost perfect.

Due to it's linear gaming (ok, you can change the order you do stuff, but it's all the same), it's replay is a little low, so it deserves the score given.