Pyros Studios comes out with C:BEL which is a puzzle and strategy game roled into one and keeps the player amused awhile

User Rating: 8.5 | Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines PC
Back in July of 1998, a new company named Pyro Studios, released their first game called Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines which featured a game of strategy and puzzles mixed together to combine into a very challenging game. A game which lets you use 6 different commandos, specialists in their own sense, play through 20 missons of pure puzzlement that will leave you screaming out at the Nazi soldiers from Norway, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. The story is that you're an elite group of commandos who are to go behind enemy lines and screw up the Nazis' plans enough so that the Allied Nations can pull through and eventually win the war. Although, most missions, you won't be able to control all 6 commandos, this does provide a more challenging gameplay to add to the fact that it's already extremely hard. While playing through each mission, it just seems that the guys at Pyro thought of one, and only one way to get through each misson and they proceed to make you guess that exact way. While it may be challenging or frustrating at times, the sense of your being becomes known when you've made it through an encampment of 20 Nazis and you've only used 1 commando to take all those 20 soldiers out. Right before you complete a mission, glancing over the rest of the 2D rendered map, you gain a small sense of pride knowing that you completed something many, many people haven't. Graphics: The graphics, being from 1998, are definitely not the best, but they still provide a good backdrop for the many places around the eastern hemisphere that you'll locate. Even though they're old, it still is wonderful to be able to take your sniper and drop a soldier 100-200 yards off just for fun. But, the question is, will you get away with that kill without other guards being alerted? The Sound: The sound is not too noticeable in this game, but maybe that's because you're repeating reloading to try and kill that Nazi soldier for the hundreth time, except this time, picking up his body and dumping it behind a wall BEFORE another soldier sees you. The commandos follow their orders with a few different phrases, but even these can geta little annoying when moving them about the large maps. Some people may be turned off from the extreme challenge of this game, but others will stay at their computers for hours reloading over and over again to get that last soldier disposed of. It all depends on how much patience you have. From experience, to survive all 20 missions within this game, you MUST have a lot of patience. And if you're thinking that this is gonna be a short easy game, 20 missions, bahh. Let me tell you, you'll be sitting at your computer till 3 in the morning not even acknowledging the fact that you have a meeting in 5 hours. This game WILL take you a very LONG time. Trust me.