a game that is only for the brave one's !@!

User Rating: 10 | Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines PC
first saw this game when my brother played it a few years back and when I was old enough to apreciate I fell in love with it.
I have not to this date seen a more engaging RTS than Commandos behind enemy lines.
The gameplay is what really makes this game. It may seem like a basic click and go game but it is so much more. It's the most challenging game I have ever seen. It really makes you feel ........involved.
As for the graphics. There awesome. Every little bit of scenery has been done individualy and it all looks great, even the characters have an immense amount of detail about them.
Like with most RTS's there isn't a great amont of sound but what is there is very good. Such as machine guns and bombs going of. Also the characters have there own catch phrases which they say when ever you tell them to do something.
And lastly the value/tilt. This is a truly great game, one to come back to over and over again. With 26 missions for you to do and the fact it's one of the most challenging games around mean you'll be at it for some time.
And overall if you like good RTS's or world war 2 you really need to play this game, it's that good