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User Rating: 10 | Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines PC
they don't make games like these anymore weh weh weh. actually, noone made games like Commandos even back in the day, except Pyro. because Commandos was and is so original. someone tried to copy Commandos with a game named Desperados, buts that was it (btw Desperados was no good/fail).

the success of Commandos came in two ways. firstly, very very talented artists drew these awesome locations and items. secondly, talented programmers brought life into those locations and items.

Commandos is one of those few games that you can hear whispering 'play me!'. and i must say playing Commandos is like constant ejaculation, constant orgasm, maybe even more, but never less. thanks to Commandos i have all kinds of fetishes like, for example, WWII german cars fetish, just look at them in the game and you'll know what i mean.

i couldn't get into Commandos 2 and didn't even try 3, but what for if i can replay Commandos 1 and its addon over and over with a years or two interval.