A spy with a hypodermic needle need I say more?

User Rating: 7.7 | Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines PC
This game is a real time strategy game that tests your skills to solve problems without resorting to guns. However do not be turned off by that because you will also get to go "Rambostlye" and a few missions allow you the use of a sniper.

Gameplay was mouse and keyboard driven. You would be given a certain Commando or Commandos. Each one had their strengths and weaknesses. For example one Commando was a scuba-diver type that was perfect for stealth entrances using rivers and other bodies of water. You also had a Commando named Tiny who was the brawn of the group. Your spy came with a hypodermic needle and was able to camouflage himself with German uniforms. This allowed the spy to sneak into certain places undetected.

There was also a sniper whose sniping was easy to handle. You would call this Commando up and activate his sniper scope. Then just put the cross-hairs on the target you want to drop press the fire button.

There was also an explosives expert Commando and a truck driver Commando used to operate the vehicles found in the game.

Graphics were extremely decent with this game. The game was played from a third person birds eye view. This allowed you to see the whole map or any section you wanted zoom in to. Detecting the German soldiers was easy and the scenery in some missions was spectacular.

Sound each character had his own voice which was nice. Gun fire and explosions were okay. As were the sounds of the vehicles. You could always tell when a tank or some other armored vehicle was headed your way to take you out.

Value for an RTS game this is a nice addition to your collection. Many more games were spawned from this series and even ported over to some of the game consoles.

Tilt: For a game built around World War II this is a decent game. The sniper missions are interesting and the missions using the bomber are up there too. Learning how to use the characters and using their strengths to solve certain problems gives this game some life. Most missions are about stealth and not being seen. While a few allow you to go full auto and just blast your way through. I never did play this game on-line but it did have a co-op on-line mode that allowed you and 5 of your friends to play at the same time. This might be why this game never really took off. The lack of decent on-line play and the fact not too many mission editors came out for this game.