The kind of game that hooks you into a genre, this game was my first ever to see!!!

User Rating: 7.5 | Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Retaliation PS
Gameplay- 4

Graphics and Sound- 3

Replayability- High

Difficulty and Annoyances- Very High

This game is like what I saw first a longggg time ago, back when it was on PC. I couldn't get the PC on to work, so I got this game. It was instantly fun, took up a lot of time, and I enjoyed it thorughly. The game was lots of fun to play and win at, the skirmishes were absolutely enjoyable. The soundtrack was fraking awesome. I played that to listen to it too... But there were bad points. This game was TOUGH. Missions were extremely difficult. I never beat it entirely. The graphics were bad, even mediocre when it first came out. The sound was pretty good, and I can say every little soldiers saying when you select them and ask to attack. It was highly replayable because some missions were fun, and the skirmishes awesome. The one bad thing though was when the AI glitched up and got stuck in their base, the FRPS slowed to like -2. All in all, it is fun and it's all I got for old school Red Alert.

I have never beaten this game and STILL own it.