Command & Conquer: Generals Cheats For PC

  1. Super Blitz Badge

    The regular blitz badge is for beating a skirmish under 10 minutes. however, you can get the same badge with a 5 on it instead of a 10 if you beat it in 5 minutes

    Contributed by: fcs 

  2. Fair Play Multiplayer Honor

    To get the multiplayer honor for Fair Play, you must have won, lost, surrendered, or exited using normal game channels at a 90% rate for at least 10 total games.

    Contributed by: XxThunderxX 

  3. Battle Honors

    How to gain the following Skirmish Awards.

    Code Effect
    Complete China's Campaign Mode China Campaign Honor
    Complete GLA's Campaign Mode GLA Campaign Honor
    Complete USA's Campaign Mode USA Campaign Honor
    Build 20+ Aircraft in a solo or multiplayer mission Air Wing Honor
    Build 50+ Tanks in a solo or multiplayer mission Battle Tank Honor
    Complete all Skirmish maps Endurance Honor
    Build each of the Super Weapons Apocalypse Honor
    Defeat an enemy in less than 10, 5, or 3 minutes. Blitz Honor
    Win 3, 10, or 30 matches in a row. Streak Honor

    Contributed by: Biospark3 

  4. Player Ranking

    These are the rankings that can be achieved by completing certain standards.

    Win: 3 points
    Lose: 0 points
    Disconnect: -1 points

    Code Effect
    0 Points Needed (Gained after 1 battle) Private
    5 Points Needed Corporal
    10 Points Needed Sergeant
    20 Points Needed Lieutenant
    50 Points Needed Captain
    100 Points Needed Major
    200 Points Needed Colonel
    500 Points Needed Brigadier General
    1000 Points Needed General
    2000 Points Needed Commander in Chief

    Contributed by: Biospark3 

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