This is pee your pants good

Gameplay-The N64 only had one joystick and as we all know,one joystick isnt the most likely companion for a FPS.Goldeneye was an exception.This is one of the most fluid FPS's ever made hands down.Second joystick or not.What makes it so good is the excellent self centering mechanic and helpful self targeting system that doesnt seem like its holding your hand at all.And what makes it all the more pleasing is using the R button to aim.Absolutly superb control.

Graphics-The graphics are absolutly incredible with crisp and nonrepeating textures.Awesome level design and the excellent graphics will make you feel like you are James Bond.The graphics are that freakin good.

Sound-Whoa.Where do I start.This game has marvolous gun sounds and excellent James Bond themes.Hum away.The game is so atmospheric,that in some areas of the lovely single player,I could not play alone(man im a wimp).

Value-Even if you are not a fan of James Bond(why wouldnt you be)you owe it to yorself to play this classic masterpiece.