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Hey all,

Im interested in finding out about how many people hate this concept of free to play, particular for C&C, I'm also wondering whether anyone would be willing to do something about it? petition maybe?

The thing that annoys me the most is most RTS games are getting dimmbed down, End of Nations was suppose to be this huge RTS but its not each player gets up to 4 - 10 units and you use abilities.

What happened to the base building RTS games....

The way i see C&C generals 2 going is you will be able to build jeeps and machine gun men but then have to spend money to unlock a tank...

If you do not know what free to play is read below, if you have no understanding of how it works!

Free to Play description

Put shortly free to play games have micro tractions which do anything from increasing the amount of XP you can earn to allowing you to purchase better equipment and even unlocking a faction, so certain things are lock and people are only getting say 50% of the game before they have to put real money into it.

few FTP games are balenced in the sense that someone, who has spent £100 on the game will have better stuff than the free player.

Looking forward to responses and what people think thanks for your time.

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I think it's an outrage! Of course there should be a petition and if it doesn't budge EA then we should burn down EA! Go to hell EA, seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish you were a person!

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My vote on this is whatever keeps it from becoming another Tiberium Alliances. 

Seriously what were they thinking?? they did everything wrong with that game. 

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"Free" to play is the worst corporate scam of modern history, designed to milk fans dry of every penny they have. The term Free to Play is so misleading, it should be condemed as illegal marketing.

I love RTS games, but I hate how the industry have turned the genre into some kind of experimental freak show lately.

Developers: Please give us back wonderful single player focused RTS games like Rise of Nations, Command and Conguer <= version 3, Age of Empires <= version 3 and so on. *Waves money*

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Now they have beta registration for the new C&C! Check out the awesome trailer!
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First off you can't compare any other game to command and conquer. they are going to keep it just like the original generals and zero hour. F2P usually means the if you want to play online the its free and you don't have to pay. i have played some games that you have to pay a monthly subsciption to play and that pissed me off. but just know its not going to be like the other game you played there will be base building and much more just like the old c&c games were