Kane's Master Plan Finalised?

User Rating: 7 | Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight PC
Just recently got my C&C4, at first I was a bit skeptical with the idea of how the game engine would work. But surprisingly it is not that bad, but not that amazing either.

Performing well increases your chances of more improved units for future missions. The AI is pretty good, challenging at times, but then again we dont want an easy game right off the bat.

Sound is excellent and the acting is quite well done, but as usual the movie segments on a whole is not done that well, the ending will leave people perplexed and ask "Whats happened what now?". But it has been that way since Westwood was bought out, and since Generals the one aspect that made C&C such a great title was the movies and getting into character with your on screen counterparts, just wasn't the same. Even C&C3:TW and KW did not have an amazing selection of ending movies.

The always online aspect will undoubtedly annoy people, most of all the warez users who wont get their free copy so easily (sorry Warez users you have yourself to blame for this type of DRM - as seen on AC2 also).

But onto other positives, the graphics are designed pretty well and are well modelled and animated, the sound as always is top notch with great soundtracks.

Playability is there as always, and the Multiplayer is fun.

For fans of C&C you will love the game regardless (we mostly enjoyed Renegade and that was a FPS), for the not so hardcore fans you may be disappointed by the change in system, but essentially it is still C&C but in a new light.

People please disregard most of the 1.0-3.0 ratings by users, I think most haven't played the game and are not happy about the DRM issue. Or they simply dont realise C&C games dont always have to be the same.

It is worth the purchase, especially for the MP :)