Since COD MW2

Just a word to discribe this game: Ridiculous !! Mordern Warfare 2 = Black Ops = Modern Warfare 3. This isn't a new game, that is the same... like a expansion pack !! I dont like... I prefer Battlefield 3... Ouch. The rare game that falls in this lowest-of-the-low range has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Don't play this game. Beware, for a game in this range is almost entirely devoid of any remotely decent or fully functional features. You probably shouldn't get too close to a game in this range. Any of its positive qualities most likely serve only to make the rest of it seem even more disappointing. Games that just don't work right and maybe didn't spend enough time in production tend to fall in to this category. They simply lack the cohesion and quality that make other games fun. A 5-range score refers to a game that's "merely average" in the negative sense. These games tend to have enough major weaknesses to considerably outweigh their strengths. There's probably a substantially better, similar game out there for you.