One of the best Gameboy Games ever.

This game alone seems to just scream classy. Donkey Kong stars Mario as a construction worker (probably before he got his degree in err...plumbing and turtle smashing) out to save a lovely girl. DK has taken her from our hero, and plans to...keep her. Well the story is nearly the same as any Mario vs. Bowser game, and though it doesn't really go anywhere special, you do get to chase the Big Bad Ape across many exotic locals. Starting with the original 5 levels from the arcade, you then progress across a city, park, airplane, boat, and other crazy places to bounce barrels back at DK and save the girl! The gameplay is almost perfectly curved. It starts out simple with just minor jumping and dodging puzzles, but by the end of the game you'll be back flipping, somersaulting, high jumping, dashing, bounching, and pole vaulting your way to the top! Ride the bugs, flip the switches, and bash the monkey! This game is a true test of mind and body endurance, and it doesn't look half bad either. In fact, this is still an appealing looking game for the original Gameboy System, and even though you could now be playing Mario Vs. Donkey Kong, this game is great fun to plug into the GBA or (if its compatable?) DS. Hooray for Mario! Go get that ape!