A great game, With its fair share of shocks and twists that are the trademark of the legendary Hideo Kojima.

Mgs2 is the first mgs to reach the ps2 and because of this, it is instantly a huge leap. With better graphics more actions your character can perform and an improved A.I most people would expect mgs2 to be rated higher than its predecessors. But even though Mgs2 is a massive improvement on Mgs, I feel that it lacked that special something that Mgs had. That story of two soldiers, (Snake and meryl) fighting together… I believe Mgs2 lacked the impact that the other Mgs's have made before and after it. Saying this Mgs2 is still an incredible game, in fact when I say it has its flaws I mean extremely small flaws, which are hardly anything in this delight of a game. The story is still well told, its graphics are impressive by ps2 standards and the number of extra mini games and bonus missions included are like another well created game itself. All in all not a perfect game but a incredible ps2 game at that. Another Hideo Kojima classic...