And the PS3 finally draws down on the 360...

User Rating: 8.4 | College Hoops 2K7 PS3
College Hoops 2K7 for the XBox 360 was, depending on your perspective, just a routine annual update of a good franchise, or a tired retread. It's not that a lot has fundamentally changed for the PS3 iteration of the game, but for the first time, Sony's console shows better for a particular title than the venerable veteran from Microsoft.

Some of the small bugs in the 360 version have been smoothed out and the use of the SIXAXIS in CH2K7 is nicely done. It's a more visually pleasing game, at least over HDMI in 1080p, and I felt like little things--load times, textures, ambient noise, etc.--were polished up a bit for the PS3 version.

This in no way means to denigrate the 360 title, but for my money, 2K did a nice little trick in making the PS3 game worth the wait and expense.