Old School

User Rating: 6 | Colin McRae Rally PC
Colin Mcrae Rally started off as one of the best racing games in my series, and i had fun playing this game.
The longer i played it the more problems i had with it, i had to get hold of a patch and update the graphics and the motion.

From Windows 98-ME, the game was in great condition, but as windows moves on, i had to download a windows XP patch to enable the game to work under the new windows environment.

The cars are still amazing and the network is still played to day, when we network games.

I enjoy playing all racing games on my steering wheel, and when i played this game with vibrations, the steering wheel was un-controllable.
I thought this game had alot to offer, but games move on and new games come out.

So this one remains in the Old shcool list, but back in the time, still a fun game to play.