Nostalgic, solid platforming.

Donkey Kong Country is a good game, while age has set in and taken its toll, it still gets by on nostalgia and classic platforming. I was surprised to replay it and find out how challenging it is, I must've forgot, the game is actually frustrating sometimes, it's the Contra thing, you get hit once, you die except in those games you get to start from the point where you died until all your lives run out, of course here you have two characters, so it's basically 2 hits and you die. And it is challenging, some levels have infuriating elements, take the cave level where it's shrouded in darkness, and you have to hit light switches to see where you're supposed to go, at the end there's the exit, finally, and then out of nowhere, just inches away from the exit, this enemy out of nowhere jumps at me and kills me, but it's trial and error you know. There were only a few levels I manages to beat on the first try.

I wish there were more variety in the bosses, there are esentially 5, two of which you have to face twice. They're all pretty easy, the last one can be difficult if you don't know the pattern instantly. For completionists, there are plenty of secrets to find to get that esteemed 100% completion, but I've nevr bothered with that in any game. The game looks great, with colourful levels and detailed enemies along with some funny animations on the two main characters when they're just standing around or too close to a ledge and such. Donkey Kong Country is a classic, by todays standards it's still a good game, and it's well worth checking out again or for the first time. I only wish we could get Donkey Kong 64 on the Virtual Console as well.