Coded Arms Cheats For PSP

  1. Collosus Battle Glitch

    During the battle with Collosus if you ride the elevator up one floor and then back down. If you stay in the back corner of the elevator no bugs should attack you and Collosus' attacks only with his laser which can't hit you.

  2. Reload faster

    To reload faster, press the reload button, then right after, switch to another weapon then switch back instantly, your clip should be full now.

  3. Unlock Weapons

    These weapon drops when you kill the boss.

    Code Effect
    Beat Sector 2 City boss - Enforcer Judgement
    Beat Sector 2 Base boss - Colossus Inferno
    Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 10 Onslaught
    Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 20 Vulcan
    Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 30 Neutron Gun
    Beat the boss on Infinity mode level 60 Trident
    Beat Sector 2 Ruins Boss - Mantis Copperhead
  4. Unlock Armour

    Defeate bosses in the infinity sector to unlock armour

    Code Effect
    Defete lvl 40 boss - Mantis Surge Helm
    Defeate lvl 50 boss - Enforcer Blast Helm
  5. Bonus Level

    After finishing Story Mode, you will receive the "Infinity" level.
    This level allows you to play infinite floors, randomly generated each floor is played.

    Code Effect
    Finish Story Mode Once. Infinity

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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