Man this sucks... Can't believe anyone in their right mind would bother playing this game.

This game was unimaginative and really boring... Uninteractive gameplay and no real concept of time, or continuation. The help manu didn't exist. Overall design of the game will hold an 3 year old's attention for approximatively 30 seconds. There was no point to quite a few of the buttons in the game, and the entire point of the game is to continue to feed this "pet" a chunk of meat. This required the player to repeat the same action over and over and over, just to see the "pet" grow up and become a teenager... This really shouldn't be considered a game at all. It should be more of concept design with only 1 hour of work completed. The most disappointing part of the game is that you think when downloading it that it would have the gigapet style gameplay, but instead of being days to grow up this "pet" grows up in under 10 seconds. Oh and the "pet" seems to be more of a harry monster than anything.