Clock Tower 3 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlockables for beating the game.

    After you have successfully completed Clock Tower 3 there are a number of new options that you unlock.

    1. There is a new option on the Title Screen called ''Cinema Theatre.'' With this option you can view every Cut-Scene from the game and also view production art of the game.

    2.When you load your data from your previous game you will start the new game with a key to the wardrobe in Alyssa's room. You can choose from 5 outfits to wear: Greek Style Dress, Blue Sailor School Uniform, White Sailor School Uniform, Santa's helper / Mrs. Clause Costume, Default Private School Uniform.

  2. Art Gallery

    After beating the game, you can also access artwork featuring character and pre-production area designs. To access the art gallery, press R1 when in the cinema viewer.

  3. Unlockables for beating the American Version

    In addition to the cinema theatre, in the American, the following costumes are available from the costume closet: A blue cowgirl outfit, her toga from the end of the game, a set of roman armor, a black, rather revealing club type outfit, and her standard school uniform.

  4. Clear mode

    Finish the game to unlock Clear mode. This mode is a more difficult version of the game where enemies have more powerful weapons and Alyssa's panic goes to full when surprised.

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