Great potential but drops the ball

User Rating: 7.5 | Clive Barker's Jericho PC
Jericho's story line is interesting with a biblical twist but the game just falls short of being a classic first person shooter (FPS). There is not much in terms of interacting with the gothic environment so you're just playing defensive like a death match trying to avoid getting hit without worrying about the conditions of the environment. You can't jump (at least not in terms of an assigned key), grab objects to use against creatures or any objects for that matter, and they created a safety mechanism so you can't fall off a cliff, stairs, etc. The game concentrates all of its energy on you switching characters and using their special abilities. As long as one member survives, you are really invincible. ***Spoiler next: all Jericho's characters have the ability to revive each other. This makes no need for the clerical class*** Each level tries to educate you by making you use one character to start but that's just it, you use that character just to pass or solve a puzzle and then you will easily revert to your favorite character. It becomes a game that only makes you use a character once or twice and the variety of characters is supposed to be the strength of the game. The graphics and sounds are very fitting because it was released just before Halloween and there are plenty of game play with that in mind. In short, Jericho is worth playing but it's not a classic. There is room for a sequel so hopefully "Codemasters" will fix the game's gaming flaws.