FIghting game just for kids, or isn't it ?

User Rating: 6.1 | ClayFighter SNES
Well this brings back memories.
I Whas just about 5 years young when i first started playing this game. The difficulty whas medium cause i didn't understand what options whas for.
From the start the game is funny, the characters too. The gameplay is really good too. But it would have been better if it whas just slighty faster but ok, that doesn't really bother little kids.I started playing again few days ago and i set the difficulty at easy and i managed to outplay it, exept for the final boss. I tryied a few time but the attacks wer really annoying and i bet for little kids would have been also cause there's no chance that you would hit him. Besides that, its a really nice and fun game to play. For some adults it might be fun to if their bored to death.