If you like fighting games then stay away from this one.

User Rating: 3 | ClayFighter SNES


-Humorous one-liners


-Music and sound effects are horrible
-Single player mode is short
-Controls are sloppy


Clayfighter is a poor excuse for a fighting game. You can pretty much play the entire game in little less than an hour, if you can tolerate it that long. Clayfighter's plot takes you to a time when a "clay" meteor smashes into a circus. The pieces, from the meteor, hit everyone in the circus staff and transforms them into clay people with superpowers like Bad Mr. Frosty, Helga, and Ickybod Clay.


Clayfighter is your basic 2D fighting game. You can jump, block, perform basic attacks and character specific special attacks. Two things you will notice right from the beginning are that the controls are sloppy and the characters move sluggishly. The entire game feels like your character is fighting in molasses. Maybe the developers wanted you to feel like you were playing with clay. Either way this is a major problem with the game. The single player mode has a typical fighting progression where you square off against different characters controlled by the computer. The single player mode is very short. You can probably beat the game is a little less than an hour.

In the multiplayer mode you and another friend can fight against each other. This is fun for the first 15 mins but after that the game gets repetitive and since the controls are horrible, it's not too much fun. Now I will say that the sayings that some of the characters use are pretty funny. Blue Suede Goo, the Elvis impersonator, for example has a funny saying when he does his hair attack. And this goes for most of the characters which will make you chuckle for a second.

There is nothing note worthy with the characters or level design.

Besides the funny sayings, the music and sounds effects are awful.


Clayfighter has no replay value and with poor gameplay I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I wouldn't even recommend renting the game because it is just not worth your $5 to rent the game. Instead, if you want to play this game, I would say to hype up the game to one of your friends and have them buy the game. Sucker!