Soldat is one of the greatest free games I've ever played!

I download freeware/shareware games all the time. Soldat's the one that got me started. The first thing I noticed in the game was the unique gameplay. It was a great idea to mix deathmatch gameplay with 2d gameplay. This in someways makes the game faster. Always knowing where your oppenents are makes you more prepared. In a game like Quake 3: Arena, you go around only seeing what is infront of you, in Soldat, you see in all directions because most maps are small enough that you can, this starts the firefight alot sooner, and brings more fighters to it. The next thing is the physics. I think physics in 2d games tend to be more wacky and funny. The graphics in soldat are great, almost the quality of any 3d game. Along with the gore, the physics get give you more satisfaction in a kill, seeing him fly across the level in shreds, or bouncing in between the floor and ceiling and finally landing with blood spraying out of his chest. The weapons in Soldat are also very well done. The weapons were done realisticly, not everyone being just as accurate as the other. The weapons have different weights, clip sizes, and accuracy. The abundance of mods for soldat is amazing. All these key features make up a great game.