Claw Cheats For PC

  1. Cheats

    Enter these during gameplay

    Code Effect
    MPHOTSTUFF Fire Sword
    MPPENGUIN Ice Sword
    MPFRANKLIN Lightning Sword
    MPJORDAN Super Jump
    MPVADER Invincibility
    MPSHADOW Be a shadow
    MPCASPER Invisibility
    MPSPOOKY Invisible Enemies
    mpplayallday infinite lives and ammo
    mpkfa godmode
    MPBUNZ Makes Claw Strong
    MPAPPLE Full Health
    MPGANDOLF Full Magic
    MPFREAK Catnip
    MPLOADED Full Ammo
    MPSTOPWATCH Timer on the bottom of the screen
    MPPOS Shows global position
    MPFPS Frames per second
    MPOBJECTS Shows # of objects on screen
    MPNOINFO show/hide info for above 4 cheats
    MPLITH Monolith logos & Music
    MPMONOLITH Same as the above code
    MPLOGO Same as mplith & mpmonolith
    MPMOONGOODIES Bouncing treasure
    MPHAUNTED Makes Enemies into ghosts
    MPSUPERTHROW Super Throw mode
    MPWIMPY Claw is weak
    MPBOTLESS Toggles the background off/on
    MPMIDLESS Toggles the middle plane off/on
    MPTOPLESS Toggles the foreground off/on
    MPBLASTER Full dynamite
    MPDEVHEADS Shows developers heads in place of treasure
    MPJAZZY 320X200 Resolution
    MPDEFVID Default Resolution
    MPDECVID Decreases the Resolution
    MPINCVID Increases the Resolution
    MPSCULLY finish the level

    Contributed by: Mr Potter 

  2. Level Skip codes

    Enter one of the following codes during game play.

    Code Effect
    mpexactly Advance to level 2
    mpracerohboy Advance to level 3
    mpbuddywhat Advance to level 4
    mpmugger Advance to level 5
    mpgoofcycle Advance to level 6
    mprotarypower Advance to level 7
    mpshibshank Advance to level 8
    mpwhyzedf Advance to level 9
    mpsuperhawk Advance to level 10
    mpjobnumber Advance to level 11
    mplistenandlearn Advance to level 12
    mpyeahright Advance to level 13
    mpclawteamrulez Advance to level 14
    mpskinner Advance to Boss Level
    mpmoulder Return to previous level

    Contributed by: lilobaggins 

  3. Message from Brian Goble

    Enter this code during game play.

    Code Effect
    mpgoble Message from Brian Goble

    Contributed by: lilobaggins 

  4. Various Codes

    Enter one of the following codes during game play.
    NOTE: These Codes only work for Version 1.2 of the game.

    Code Effect
    mptwinturbo Enables turbo
    mplongrange Doubles range attacks and hit points
    mpnoise Next sound effect
    mpmaestro Music speed increases
    mplangsam Music speed decreases
    mpnormalmusic Normal music speed
    mpeasymode Easy mode
    mpbouncecount Displays enemy bounce count
    mpwildwacky Move around upside down
    mpgloomy Black and white graphics
    mpcultist Increased enemy strength

    Contributed by: lilobaggins