Its great playing the old Van Halen songs, but this game could sure use some more effort in what you get for its value!

I have played this game for like 2 days and already got through the entire catalog of songs (including the guest acts). Well after I got through with it, I was trying to look if there were any extra content. Maybe like some music videos of Van Halen, band photos, the bands bio, etc... None of that I saw! Well that kind of sucks! I was expecting a little more effort in this game. Van Halen is one of my big favorites. I love listening to Eddie Van Halen playing the guitar even when the band was playing with Sammy Hagar. This game only contains songs when David Lee Roth was in the band up until 1984 or so. I love playing songs that are by my favorite bands. Metallica is my all-time favorite band and yes I do have there Guitar Hero game (read my review for that)! In this game there is a lot of tapping parts. Since EVH had pretty much revolutionized the tapping method on the guitar! This game has absolutely no songs with Sammy Hagar and obviously none with that other guy, Gary Cherone or whatever the hell his name is! This game does not feature Michael Anthony (Van Halen's original bassist). Instead it features EVH's son Wolfgang as the bassist. I would just think of this game as a track pack with Van Halen songs! The songs on this game are amazing! Which features VH favorites like Panama, Runnin' With The Devil, Ain't Talkin' Bout Love, Jump, Unchained, and about 23 more VH songs! Overall I would have to give this version of the game a 6 out of 10!!! The songs on here are great to play but the problem of this game is the lack of any extras or additional content!