The best of the lot. Better than Civ III and IV.

User Rating: 9.8 | Civilization II PC
Civ2 hit close to perfection 10 years ago. The gameplay was complex enough yet remained accessible. Oh they could use some management improvements like the ability to group units or improve the AI/government so your democracy doesn't issue a mandatory peace treaty when you know darn well the computer is going to attack you.

Again tho they had nearly the perfect game. They just had to work on refining it.

The problem wtih the news Civs like the IV one is they just tacked on a bunch of extra crap that really doesn't add any fun to the game. IT just adds a bunch more options that really don't serve any great in depth purpose. Civ IV is a victim of feature creep imo. Less one thinks the 200 page Civ2 manual didn't have enough features. ????

I would rather they gave Civilization the Pirates treatment. Update the graphics. Add a few new touches, but for the most part leave the game intact and don't add a biliion new features. Spend all your dough on tweaking the AI, adding a couple interface improvements and doing the multiplayer stuff. Make the game run great. That's another area in which Civ2 shines too. It runs like hotcakes. It's so quick. Civ IV is a turtle in comparison.

Civ2 also shows you alot more of the map than Civ IV. So that's another step backwards as well.

Ah well if you haven't checked out Civ2 do so. It's more fun imo. 10 yr old grahics and all.