What in THE hell!!!

SWG has been steadily going downhill for quite sometime now but I didnt even think SOE was capable of this.

Let's put aside the fact that anyone can be a jedi, craftings dead, communities are dead, as well as player bounies, professions, etc ect etc....

People, we can't even walk or talk straight.

Ca't target anything

The Star Wars feel??? Are you f'n kidding me!!!!

Look SOE, just admit you have no idea what your doing, bite the bullet and revert the game back to Pre CU.

Yes, it wasn't perfect, but it was FUN for the majority out there.

Jesus F's Christ, this was actually playable 2 nights ago. Wasn't the gretest thing in the worl,d but atleast It didnt take me 15 minutes to figure out if I could heal myself or not.

Anyone who thinks this is fun for more than 5 minutes seriously needs to be shot in the head at close distanc (and this is is coming from a Optimist)