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City Of Steam is a steampunk MMORPG developed by China-based Mechanist Games. Set in the industrial age, the game features fast-paced hack n slash actions, 3D graphics for web browsers, as well as dungeon-based raids. In the game, players are able to choose one of four classes and nine races to slay monsters, perform quests, and join a team or guild to engage in a series of activities.

City of Steam brings people to the most dangerous adventures into tens of forgotten regions around the central city. With the same rusty colors prevailing in the game, each region has its unique monsters that generate a unique atmosphere. These regions may have many gates, but you wont get out without collecting keys through a correct means. If you dont accept quests in an expected sequence, you will break into these hells unknowingly and lose yourself therein until an open door is found among its numerous gates. And this blind intrusion is not related to any XP or level enhancement, only costing all of your potions.

This is a 3D game running on browsers, so inevitably there are some disconnected moments. But generally, the game runs pretty steadily, leaving you no time to scan the explanation texts at the entrance of a dungeon. The whole gaming world is a grand system of brickwork, woodwork and stonework, but most of the objects are air-slake in a comfortable way. Besides tigers, bears, apes and wild dogs, some of the monsters are both dirty and mysterious, like rats, ash worms, water worms, potato ladybird. As a contrast, bad humans among these evil creatures are sensuously beautiful; the tiny amount of shillings earned is a pile of happily shinning colors, even the battling noise rings pleasantly to the ear.

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