Don't listen to the sad fanboy gamers, they know nothing!, this game is a masterpiece, epic game. play it yourself.

when i first got this game i couldn't wait to play this, but after the 8minute install time, i was ready,

the first cutscene wasn't at all that long, so you basically get straight into the game, your team gets pin downed by gekkos, which is quite good, but don't try to fight them just run you can shoot thier legs till they fall down but they do get back up though, you need a rocket lanucher to kill them thats the best way!

i finished the first act of the game and it was about 4-5 hours long, but if you look around more it will probably take you longer, thier wasn't alot of cutscenes in this act, so its just mainly the sad xbox fanboys that say this game is boring, but they know nothing, they arn't even a real gamer

Also i think the beauty and beast unit is quite cool and different, but they look so fun to fight, my best bit of act 1 was the frog shootout with meryl which was really fun the best ways to kill these is to shoot these in the head, Meryl doesn't really die, but she willl die if you leave her and she keeps getting shot alot, and johnny is real stupid but also makes you laugh.

i also have met up with Drebin and saw his cute little monkey i liked the idea of the drebin points, whereever you are you can buy ammo and wepons but the only thing he doesn't sell is the rations or any other type of item that heals stress, stamina and health. so this item you will have to look for and savior.

game time from this act is 9-10 for Act 2, in this act you are in the South America if i can remember rightly, and you are trying to find dr Nioami, you finally fight a boss the laughing octopuss, she can be a tough fight, if you haven't got enough rations, you basiclly keep shooting her to she drops dead. you can also stamina kill her to get her mask, also if you kill her no matter what way, you get a different mask which comes in handy. The best part of this boss was that she has octocamo so she can hide as anything, she has got some good hiding places, but some are easy to find, i don't really want to tell you any so i don't ruin it for you. After you kill it you find out about her backstory. Once that is done you do a tracking mission, where you use NV goggles to follow footsteps to hunt someone down at the end you escape on a truck thing and you use its machiene gun to shoot down a load of people and gekkos before they get to you.

game time from act 3 is13-15 hours and this act you are suituated in eastern europe, in this act you are in a town and you are trying to hunt down someone, and to do that you have to follow someone from its resistence group, its quite lengthly to follow him, but once you have done that, you find who you are trying to track down, there base gets attacked by Raging Raven and you escape on a motorbike, you shoot from the back of it with a sub-machiene gun. After you fight Raging Raven, and like the first boss once you kill her in anyway you get a gun, a very nice gun :), i didn't stealth kill this boss as i couldn't :(

i have just got to act 4, and you are on a island. it will look familier to people, so i won't give it away to spoil it for anyone. you sneak through the island, i can't really say too much here without giving too much away but, you fight crying wolf here, and she is hard especialy with the blizard going on so you can't see anything, just the blizzard, so best way is to put NV on, there is frog troops around and they never stop coming so while you kill the both they will shoot you. i found this act quite good as it goes back to old memories and stuff.

i'm on act 5 and you are now on liquids ship called outer haven, i found the first part of it quite hard, but once you get use to when the enemies come you can then do it, also you fight the last b&b here called phsycho mantis, it can be hard, but thats only if you don't have a play with all the different weapons as only one can kill her, once you find out what it is when you can do it. at the end you have a traditional hand to hand fight, which is quite hard but once you get the hang of it, you can do it straight away, the last 2 cut scenes are good and sad, it tells you about radien and it finishes the game in a nice way.

after i finished it, this game still gets a 10, it is absolutly amazing, i'm now playing metal gear online hich is very good as well.