Makes you want to be an Engineer.

User Rating: 9 | Cities XL 2011 PC
the best game in its genre, crushed any competition , raised the standards alot.

What can I say about this game, the best simulation game ever, makes you want to b a civil engineer just to make a masterpiece city, the details are amazing, you can see the walking people, the light (red, Yellow, Green) the companies signs and people parking in the yards after coming from work... amazing details in every aspect.

Challenging, indeed , as you must build the city wisely, think before you build as in the future it might be costly.... imagine , think and then build... look after your citizen as they will look after you in return...

the music is relaxing, no tension, the advising helps you alot...

you must try it and if you fail to build a city, try again and again you will not regret.