Years have I lurked here in gamespot yet this is my first review of any game. Now that's saying something.

User Rating: 10 | Cities XL 2011 PC
Few games nowadays engulfs me like Cities XL 2011.

For example, an FPS is just that - an FPS, then there's some RPG that may come along and then some action adventure game. Don't you ever notice that every other game is somewhat the same, done this, done that?

All this bores me now. Honestly, while playing some of the hottest games today (so they say), less than one hour of playing and the game somehow places me on a stupor.

Some games will feel like a chore, you just keep on going for the sake of finishing it, not the way they make it in the olden (and golden) times where you play for one factor - fun.

From the roots of the Sim City series and (I believe) from the City Life games comes this reincarnation of what gamers like me are longing for.

If you're tired of the usual fanfare and looking for something engrossing and addictive, something that will while away your boredom, then what are you waiting for.

Cities XL is definitely for you.