A moders dream!!!

User Rating: 8 | Cities in Motion PC
The game it self isn't that super duper simulation that the trailers made it to be. But still so far it's the best public transport simulation so far. Even if it has a lot of bugs (up to version 1.0.13) it still has the best graphics I've seen for such a game.

The best thing (well at least for me) is that the game is really easy to mod. Want an additional bus type? 5 min (including the textures). Want new texture? 2 min? Want to change capacity of a subway train? 1 min. Anything you want just open Notepad and edit. This is why I have two installs of the game - one clean and one moded so much that I don't even know what I've done :D.

The game actually grows on you with one more thing - map editor. Create your home city or make a fictional city of your own. So far I've spent more time in this than the game itself.

In some words - gameplay is not so great as you want, but you can easily change it.