User Rating: 5 | Cities in Motion PC
It's boring, it's that simple. I was hoping for something like Transport Tycoon, but it is nothing like it. Too much time is spend on one line. First you find a place to set the line, than you add the stops. Than you add the route than you buy the bus/tram/train. And than you start the vehicle. Im gussing once you get used to it, it will be faster, and If you are the very methodical type it might be something for you. For me it's no fun looking at the map, finding the best suited places to set a line up and than move on to the next line and the next line and the next line and the next line and....I think you get the picture. Maybe I did not spend enough time on it, but the tutoriel irritated me since it's not very helpful, especially when it comes to the trams and making an open or closed line. I just got bored with figuring it out.
I find it odd so many games are released today. They often build on a older game, but yet they seem to be able to f... it up. I had high hopes for this game, but even at 19,95 it seems like a waste.