A great game that all RPG fans should play at least once in their lifetime.

User Rating: 10 | Chrono Trigger PS
Chrono Trigger. You've probably heard of it before. Chrono Trigger is a game made by Squaresoft's "Dream Team" which included people such as Yasunori Mitsuda, a legendary soundtrack composer, and Akira Toriyama, the mastermind behind the legendary Dragon Ball series. The game is about a teenage boy named Crono, his inventor friend named Lucca, and a mysterious girl named Marle. The three are launched into an adventure throughout time to save the world from an alien named Lavos, which will destroy the Earth in 999 years.

Gameplay: 10/10 Amazing, original gameplay. This game features the ATB, or Active Time Battle system introduced in Final Fantasy IV (Originally known as Final Fantasy II in North America) but the best part is the Tech abilities that your team members can earn. For example, Crono can learn a tech named "Cyclone" which allows him to attack multiple nearby targets at once. Each character has a specific element, too. Crono's element is Lightning, Lucca controls fire, and Marle uses Water (Ice, more specifically), which includes healing magic. Characters can also combine techs. For example, Marle and Lucca can combine their Fire and Ice abilities to use the Antipode techs, which are more powerful than their separate techs. Characters can even learn Triple Techs that involve the entire party using an insanely powerful attack. There are also seven party members (one is optional) to choose from, so the player can have a diverse party.
Music: 10/10 This game's music is amazing. Yasunori Mitsuda did an amazing job with the game's compositions. I won't name any specific ones to avoid spoilers, but some of the major boss battle themes are absolutely amazing.
Story: 10/10 A race through time to prevent an alien from destroying Earth. This might sound cliché, but this was one of the first games to ever use that story premise. Also, not only does the game follow that story, but there are stories for each time era you can travel to. For example, the future after Lavos' attack is barren, and hope is lost by all of humankind. This is how I'd expect a post- apocalyptic future. Also, in the Medieval era, a powerful wizard named Magus is fighting against the Kingdom of Guardia, the past version of your kingdom. You team up with an amphibian knight who is fighting this wizard for the kingdom, and this is a great story of revenge. I won't spoil how it is, however. The time travel feature was amazing. Also, things to do will affect other timelines, and the ending you get. There are times in the story where the player has to make a decision, and these will change the ending you get. There are a total of about 14 endings in the game, a lot for a game on the SNES. This was one of the games that pioneered the idea of multiple endings.
Graphics: 10/10 I'm not one that cares for graphics, but I might as well talk about them while I'm at it. This game probably gets a lot crap because of its SNES style graphics. Even the remakes have them. Even for the SNES, the graphics were amazing, and are some of the best 2D sprites you'll see on a home console.
Overall: 10/10 I can't really say that much else about this game. I highly recommend it to any gamer. It's been remade for the PSX and Nintendo DS, and is on the Wii's Virtual Console for $8. I personally own the PSX version, but I'd recommend getting the NDS remake as it has more bonuses and doesn't have the loading times that the PSX version has. So for now, Artixarlic3, signing out.