Wicked good.

The fourth in the Elder Scrolls series, and it does not disappoint. With all the hype, I started to think it wouldn't be that great. I was wrong.

The game itself is huge. You start out in the province of Cyrodiil. The king has had a dream about you, and his death. He informs you that you must close shut the gates of Oblivion, and thats exactly what you will do. There are also many side quests, which contributes to the over 200 hours of gameplay boasted. If you're a fan of the Elder Scroll series, an RPG fan, or just a casual gamer, this game will have you hooked.

The graphics are great, especially in HD. Not the best on the 360, but certainly way up there. The graphics would have recieved a perfect ten if it weren't for the outside texture loading, which cause the game to jump a few times. It doesn't retract from the experience, though, just something that could have been improved. The draw distance could have been better, also.

Crisp. Sounds great in surround. The sound needs a little more variety, though. For instance, the sound is the same when you hit your metal sword on metal as your sword hitting grass. The bang sound. That doesn't mean the little variety sounds bad, though. Ambient sounds make it seem like you're in the game. The voice acting is also amazing. All conversations are speaking, so you don't need to read for you lazy people out there. The acting is rarely unbelievable.

Even though the game is huge, there are tons of things to do, and there's over 200 hours of gameplay, the value will never be a perfect ten. I just think 70 CAD is just too expensive for a game, seeing as the PC version costs only 60. What gives? The PC version looks better, and you can do more things with it, yet its cheaper. If next generation games cost next generation prices, I don't know how we'll keep up.

AMAZING. Thats all I can say. If you are an TES fan, then you will get hooked for sure. Everything just screams Elder Scrolls. Even if you're a casual gamer, you will probably get hooked. I admit, this game isn't for everyone, just the better part of the gaming community. The AI is really good, too. They have their own conversations that make sense, and live as they would. Its all really interesting.

Did I have fun? HELL YES. I guess that would answer your question.

Closing comments
GET THIS GAME. NOW. This game has 2 very important aspects to modern gamers: gameplay and graphics. Thats really all they need.

So in conclusion, you're missing out if you don't own this game. Welcome to the world of Oblivion.