The Worst Port Ever

User Rating: 4 | Chrono Trigger PS

Most people will give you the respect of agreeing that CT is at least a contender for best RPG ever. Mostly the disagreement is just between FF7 or CT which are both good. Unfortunately, the PSN ROM of the PSX port of the SNES game, which added new content, is a piece of shit. There's no argument about the game - I am on the CT side and will always say it destroys FF7 without challenge. The game came out a year or two before FF7, it was 2D, and it still had better graphics, not to mention a better - if slightly generic and bored - battle system.

Where the SNES game cartridge itself switched between loading areas within a few seconds, and the ROM on ZSNes loaded almost instantly, the PSN version is absurd. Loading times run an average of 10 to 15 seconds. On a Super Nintendo game, that is absolutely unacceptable, especially with as little actual in-game content that they added that doesn't even affect the load times. The majority of it is anime sequences, which added about 200 mb to the game which was otherwise about 5.

I purchased it on PSN because I haven't legally owned the game in over 15 years since I sold the original SNES cartridge - like a dumb teenager would, not realizing it would be worth about 1000 dollars now (not even including the fact that it's a collectors item). And I am so turned off and unable to put up with the load times that I don't even play it.

This crap deserves a 6 because of its load times, they are game breaking. This game has frequent load screens - in most areas of the game, the rooms are not very big and you have to run back and forth multiple times per minute. Something you simply can't do when it takes 20 seconds to even load the same room again, increasing the play time far beyond its original 60 hours simply due to waiting. If I had a Wii still, I'd hope that the SNES version was available on Virtual Console and I'd assume it runs better if it's a direct ROM of the original game and not the disc-based badness.

The extra content added in the PSX version simply does not justify the three-fold increase in thumb twiddling.