Is anyone intimately familiar with Chrono Cross's battle system, provide tips?

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Or only know a little bit about the game? Because I'm having trouble with this battle system and I'm disliking that very much. I should mention I do not like challenge, I like my games easy so don't be afraid to give me gamebreaking hints and cheats that'll just make the game so easy you can't believe anyone still wants to play it. 

Thank you.

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The thing is this game has a complex system and you can't expect magic results without digging into it. Take into account elemntal weaknesses, use things like 'TurnBlue' or the appropiate elements. Character-sppecific attacks are also effective. In addition remember that you have alot of chracters to choose from so feel free for example to put in black-based characters if you're struggling on an inherently white boss. Also remember that there are things like Diminish, Magnegate, and others available for your strategic use. If you do this, the game shouldn't be all that hard. The only bosses I remember struggling on that much were Miguel and the Time Devourer Dragon.