Chrono Cross Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Easy win Roulette Game

    When the roulette pointer starts spinning and the red tip is within the west and the south edges of the wheel, pause and press Circle to resume to make it land on north and double your money.

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

  2. New Game+

    Complete the game, save it and load your completed save game. You'll have your stats, elements and everything else you had after finishing the game for the first time.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  3. Change the game speed

    On New Game+, you can change the speed of the game by holding in L2 (slows the game) or R2 (speeds up the game).

    Contributed by: Sportsman 

  4. Infinite money, Dragoon's Glory's, Viper's Level 7 Tech Skill

    After Serge is reborn, visit Termina (Home World) with Viper in your party. Talk to the barmaid, go into the back room, and examine the flag on the back wall. Viper will talk briefly about the flag and then take his Level 7 Tech Skill, "FlagBearer" and a Dragoon's Glory. Exit the room and re-enter. Examine the back wall with Viper still in your party. Even though there is no flag, Viper will say the same thing that he said before and will take another "FlagBearer" and Dragoon's Glory. Repeat this as many times as needed. Each Dragoon's Glory can be sold for 4,000 gold. The stats for Dragoons's Glory is Atk. +3, Hit% +3%, Mgc. +2. You can also disassemble them for 1 Denadorite, 2 Scale, 2 Fur, and 2 Fang.

    Contributed by: incubusman89 

  5. Get Kid

    This must be done on a new game+. Before going to Viper Manor for the first time switch Serge for Kid using the Relief Charm and have any two other characters in your party. After Kid is poisoned you can still use her in battles. As long as you don't try to switch another character into Serge's place Kid will stay there.

    Contributed by: Blue Thunder Kuno 

  6. Pip's Innate-Only Element Exploit

    Pip is quite the little glitch factory, but here's a tidbit that most don't know: It is possible to have innate-only Elements such as FullRevival and PhysNegate on a Pip that is of a completely different elemental! To do this, you must get Pip to evolve to the the color you desire the innate Elements of, then place them on his grid in a spot you won't be moving them from. Then, simply evolve him again! This lets you have a total of three different colors of innate-only elements, and up to six summons! Warning: Using Auto-Allocate on Pip or the entire party undoes this, removing the elements from his grid!

    Contributed by: DivineDragoonKain 

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