More presonality than Mario Kart , plus it's great to see some of Square's classic characters looking so KEWT!

User Rating: 8.2 | Chocobo Racing: Genkai e no Road PS
Cart games are never going to win an Outstanding Achievement award for originality. That said, Chocobo Racing still turns out to be my favorite of the cart titles. Along with the usual Time Trial & split-screen 2-player mode, there's a clever little "pop-up" Storybook Mode, complete with cinematics. Completion of this mode with a final score awarded allows you to select & customize your own racer. You can also unlock a bonus track & receive Squall (or Leon, if you prefer!) from FF8 as a racer! There are other bonus racers available with repeated completions & high scores on the time trials, which brings up my only big complaint...MEMORY CARD SPACE! If you are determined to unlock everything, you will need an entire, blank Memory Card for all the data. The game saves separate files for each track, both for Time Trial & competition modes, not to mention extra racers...It can tie up an entire card and more. If you aren't big on extras, though, you'll be fine. The characters are the cutezoid, SD style, and are from the Square RPG "Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon" (with the exception of Squall). A few characters don't even actually ride a cart - the Black Magician has a cloud, and the White rides a flying carpet. Controls are easy to handle (my kid had it mastered at the tender age of 4). The tracks designs, while not particularly inspired, do offer various terrains & difficulty levels. Square fans will love it, and so will anyone looking for a fun little racer.