Don't buy this game unless you're a really easily impressed 4 year-old.

User Rating: 3 | Chicken Shoot WII
When I had the misfortune to get this game, I thought it might be mediochre, since it sort of looked like that kind of game. Then, as I easily(understatement) went through the levels, I realized the full magnitude of what I was dealing with: a full-blown useless piece of @#$%.There are 11 levels, all of which add up to a short shooter game level. There are 2 gameplay modes,classic and arcade. Arcade has no time limit, and there are food power-ups that replenish energy. Classic has a time limit and time bonuses.There's also a catch the egg minigame, which I tried for 5 seconds and didn't get it or care. I suggest the same for you. This game occasionally makes some pathetic attempt at humor(Oh, look. this chicken fell in the water. Whee.) The only thing that made getting this game 5 miles from worthwhile was the fact that it cost 20$ and had a Wii blaster. I guess they realized it was a DISASTER and lowered the price. This game should be sold to insomniacs.