I originally said 'Since when were MMO's supposed to be perfect upom release?' Okay, I was wrong... it's

User Rating: 3 | Champions Online PC
Champions is the latest in a long line of Superhero tie-in MMO's, its predecessors being the titles in the CoH (City Of Heroes franchise.) and ti be honest it's not a perfect game, but there is a reason for that:
It's a brand new MMO!
Not a week into its release there were people stating it as a broken game, complaining that it was lacking in content or having underdeveloped or broken aspects, but isn't that the point of MMO's
TO GET BETTER. If this game was supposed to be a finished, 100 refined game, there would be no need for the several patches being released to fix it and extend it.

What really gets me is the continual comparisons to World Of Warcraft, bearing in mind has several more years under its belt for improvement, and yes if Champions gets to the same age and notoriety as WoW its faults would be unacceptable.

But at the end of the day, for a brand new MMO, it's actually rather good, for example it has one of the best customizing features i've seen to date (this has also been slated by SOME game sites as being over-hyped- but as Ive noticed, most seemed to make cheap Superman knock offs. So as long as you use imagination, on the whole it wont see you wrong.)

There is an issue with their servers that causes some major lagging, but that's cured by playing it at a non-peak time.
The worst time to be caught playing this game is at four o'clock when a rush of school children return home and bombard the servers into submission.

The game has also been slated for being to hard, or having unbalanced character classes. The game supposedly started of with a level one being able to take on a large number of villains at one go. This was then 'fixed' meaning that a low level character would have to shy away from large quantity skirmishes. People than complained that this game was to restrictive and non-superhero like, as the stubborn run into combat approach was defused. This also meant that players had to choose a class that could/would work. As is the case with most MMO's if you pick an unbalanced character unsuitable for the game, it will be 'un-fun' to play!

Overall the game has good gameplay (if played right) and some good ideas. Depending on your level you get new costume slots and an individual 'nemesis' that the player customizes.

So yes this game is some-what broken for now, but these bugs are being fixed for players willing to hold out for what promises to be a good game.