A very unique game from the amazing Atlus, an absolute masterpiece in its own right. A bit short, but still worth it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Catherine X360
OK, so Catherine is 6 months old. But over here, in good old Blighty, it was only release a couple of weeks ago. I've been waiting for months for the UK release, and the bottom line is...

It was bloody worth the wait.

Catherine isn't your typical puzzle game. Moving blocks may not sound fun or interesting, but it's one of those things you just have to play to believe how good it is. These 'blocks' are completely in main character Vincent's mind, in his nightmares. Most blocks are normal, but you do have special blocks that make some puzzles just that little bit more difficult. Or easier. Let me give you an example: The Ice Block. The Ice Block makes you slide along it until you reach a normal block or an edge. Sounds easy? Wrong. If you reach the edge, you don't hang, you die. Your 'easy route' isn't so easy anymore. However, there are good blocks as well. The Spring Block is one of the best, a real relief when a massive wall faces you. Simply place it correctly and spring up to your location. You can hang from the blocks you can reach, and is a life-saver in boss fights, when the boss suddenly reaches where you are. The downside? They are scarce and not very well-placed at times.

Onto the story. Being Atlus, the story can be expected to be amazing, with a lot of anime-esque styling and some sly comedy thrown in. The story only takes place over a week, but it's a rollercoaster of difficult situations. In the day, you are at the local watering-hole, the Stray Sheep. Here, you talk to your friends, drink and reply to various text messages from your gals. You're responses to these texts and conversations has a direct impact on the story and eventually decides which of the 8 possible endings you get.

Now, the ladies. Katherine and Catherine are the main females in the game. Katherine is Vincent's girlfriend and wants to get married. Vincent has mixed feelings about this. Katherine is a tall, long-haired mature beauty sporting Atlus' signature glasses. One day, Vincent meets Catherine, a young, seductive temptress with bright blonde hair and a body that most men would fall head-over-heels for. The cute character of the game, she tries to win Vincent's affection, not realising that he is already taken...

OK, so the game is shorter than your typical Atlus game. It will probably only take you 15 hours to complete, but the replayability of the game is presented as a multiplayer competitive mode, a challenge mode the fact that there are 8 different endings.

You can be faithful.

You can be promiscuous.

The real question is...

Katherine or Catherine?

9.5. A real piece of innovation from the legendary Atlus.