Addictive, Entertaining... and Hard as Hell

User Rating: 8.5 | Catherine X360
I got the Special Edition in the mail yesterday. Amazon rocks! So I put it in and... 7 hours later I'm still playing it and only stopped cause I had to go to sleep. This game is amazing. Right now I'm at stage 6, level 2. (There are 8 stages). It may seem too short but it has multiple endings and a lot of re-playability.

Graphics: I don't like Anime. Let me repeat. I'm DO NOT LIKE ANIME. I don't hate it, i just don't care for it. But this game looks beautiful. It actually makes me sorta like Anime more. But overall, the graphics look beautiful.

Music: If you've played Persona 3 then you will know some of the songs here. The music works very well. In the nightmare stages the music fits when the stage has a foe chasing you and when it's more a stage to get you used to the new stage elements that have been introduced.

Story: Here is where the game shines the most. You play Vincent who is having nightmares every night. At the same time, he is being pressured by his long time girlfriend, Katherine, to take their relationship to the next step. And on top of this, another girl, Catherine, is seducing him and trying to take him for her own. Now he is caught in a web of lies, secrets and guilt. Every time you pass a nightmare sequence you wake up to more drama in his real life. It's very engaging.

Gameplay: I really hate to call the nightmare sequences "puzzles" cause it sorta makes it less than what it is. These are Vincents nightmares. He has to climb to the top of these evil towers to escape so as to not die in real life. So the tower begins to fall down as you start climb, or there some huge monster chasing you. Everything in the dreams is connected to his real life in some way. There is more I would like to say to make sense of the sheep you see on the cover, but I don't want to spoil anything.

You are given questions to answer here and there throughout the game that determine the direction the story will go for you. The game has multiple endings and difficulties and medals you can get depending on how fast you climb the towers. So you can get a lot of game play out of it.

Overall, I love this game. I think it is pure genius. The issues that it addresses are very relate-able and really suck you into the story.

The Special Edition comes with just a pillow case, not an actual pillow by the way. The Special Edition isn't really all that worth the extra $20 in my opinion but this game is so special i just HAD to have it so I don't regret it. There hasn't been a game like this in a long time. I'm VERY impressed with how well they pulled off this whole concept and made a very VERY fun game.

If you are hesitant on this game, then try the demo. But i will warn you, the demo doesn't really do a great job in tying in the nightmare sequences with the story so you may get the wrong idea. Also the nightmare parts are a lot more complicated once you play the full game, and they get really creative, fun...and HARD. If you can rent the game, that would be best. But I would say if you like it, to go ahead and buy it. It's one of the few games out there that is worth full price in my opinion.